About Us

About Us

I opened my own Retail store in 2012,
& I’ve paid allot of “School fees”

I’ve been in the retail business (Nutriverse T/a Legion Health) for over 10 years now, in this time I’ve dealt with a few different companies, from marketing & IT companies to Website consultants. This has helped me gain knowledge in various areas but has also given me the motivation to do things myself, better, more efficient and allot cheaper. That’s where the idea of “IdentiCo” originated as not everyone has the time to learn how to do everything themselves and in an affordable way.

One of my first experiences was with a very large company that builds websites. It was not a good experience as I got locked into contracts and was forced to pay an absurd amount of money for a website that didn’t benefit my business at all. This then forced me to learn how to code and develop my own online store. (That’s why we DON’T make you sign any sort of contracts)

After launching my New online store, we faced a new problem, we got too many orders and couldn’t handle the admin in having to capture the sales into our point of sale system. We spent about 1 to 2 hours extra every day capturing sales, it was not a nice job as it was extremely repetitive and BORING.

This “Inspired” or forced me to find a way to automate this task, I then managed to find HIKE POS software that I can Integrate into my website that automatically puts all the sales through as they come through, this was such a life saver, to top it off, I also managed to connect my accounting software to the POS system, even less admin.

I feel so excited about finding out ways of bettering the way we do things in my business, that I thought I’d find a way to help others & help prevent people from being ripped off by big corporate companies who have a team of lawyers.

I’ve changed POS & Accounting system numerous times as I find areas where they just aren’t good enough, wasting allot of time & money doing admin. So I want to help others avoid the same mistakes as I couldn’t really find someone to assist me without them trying to shove their software down my throat.

I believe I can help others in many areas of a business, so that’s why I’ve began this journey, Give us a try.

Best of all, we do NOT lock you into any contracts. If you don’t like your site, then don’t pay the balance of the payment until you’re happy. We also have very low monthly fees which also helps smaller companies keep their overheads down.

I look forward to this joining you on this journey.

Andrew Nichols